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Own a 3D printed bust of the new tyrannosaurid, Daspletosaurus wilsoni

On Nov 25th 2022, we published a research paper describing a new species of tyrannosaurid dinosaur, Daspletosaurus wilsoni

(read about the research here,

As preparation for one of the press release paintings, paleoartist Andrey Atuchin prepared a 3D model of the reconstructed head. We thought this was so nice we 3D printed it and were really pleased with the result!

We have arranged with Andrey to make 3D prints of this available for purchase.  Andrey receives 12.5% of the gross, with remaining profits going into a fund for paleontology research at Badlands Dinosaur Museum. Each of the large prints takes 48hrs to print out, so these are therefore in limited supply (we need our printer for exhibit and research projects!).


  • 40cm long
  • US$150 (plus shipping)


  • 22cm long
  • US$50 (plus shipping)

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Model details
Color: I have been printing these in very pale gray, which gives them a look like classic marble (see photos). I can also print them in medium or dark gray, depending on preference. The detail is more visible in medium or dark gray. If you are planning on painting your bust then print color should make no difference.

Mounting: The models are printed hollow and are very light in weight. The back of the models have four holes (see photo) which can be used to hang the bust on a wall. We recommend threading wire through the holes to make a loop for hanging. The bust can be filled with foam to make it sturdy, however this does add weight and the color of the foam can slightly show through the walls of the pale-colored busts. If you are planning on painting your bust, then it should be fine.

Information on the printers:

  • The large heads are printed on our Sonic Mega 8K 15" resin 3D printer (print area 33 x 18.5 x 40cm).
  • The small heads are printed on our EPAX e10 4k 8.9" resin 3D printer (print area 19.2 x 12 x 25 cm).
  • Both printers print each layer at 0.05mm thickness. Detail level (dpi) is comparable between the two printers as the small printer has fewer pixels, but is a smaller print plate.
  • Both large and small heads are printed from the same 3D model, hence the smaller 22cm head has more detail per mm, since this is constrained by the detail of the original 3D model, not the 3D printer.

The 3D model and any derivatives are copyright Andrey Atuchin and Badlands Dinosaur Museum (Dickinson Museum Center). Purchasers agree not to reproduce the model in any way.

About the artist
Head reconstruction by Andrey Atuchin, a Russian paleoartist working in Canada. More examples of his work can be seen on his Deviantart page.

Reference: Warshaw EA & Fowler DW (2022) A transitional species of Daspletosaurus Russell, 1970 from the Judith River Formation of eastern Montana, PeerJ, DOI: 10.7717/peerj.14461 (Publication scheduled online Nov 25th 2022, free access). (Read the paper here)

LARGE 40cm bust in pale grey. Flash.

Macro closeup of eye detail on LARGE 40cm bust. No flash.

This reconstruction by Andrey Atuchin is based on a 3D model. Image © Andrey Atuchin & Badlands Dinosaur Museum

LARGE 40cm bust in natural light

LARGE 40cm bust can be mounted on a wall. Photo with flash.

Bottom and top view of the LARGE 40cm bust. Flash used.

(Top) MEDIUM 22cm bust. (Bottom) LARGE 40cm bust. Flash used.

Closeup of pale grey LARGE 40cm bust showing detail. No flash.

Holes on the back of the bust allow for hanging loops. LARGE 40cm bust shown in mid-gray.

Medium grey (top), marble light grey (bottom). Both LARGE 40cm busts (scale in inches).

Front view of pale grey LARGE 40cm bust. No flash.

Color choices: Top (dark grey); middle (mid grey); bottom (light grey/marble). Busts shown are 40cm.

The large heads are printed out on our Sonic Mega 8k 15" resin 3D printer. This prints up to 40cm tall. Tyrannosaur skull on printer is dark gray color option.

LARGE 40cm bust being printed.

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