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As part of its summer programming, Dickinson Museum Center is seeking a seasonal paleontology assistant for the 2021 summer tourist season, starting in mid-late May or early June (flexible), and lasting up to 12 weeks.

The seasonal paleontologist is a position that combines education & outreach, exhibit interpretation, and work in the preparation laboratory. The amount of time dedicated to each responsibility will depend on the ability and experience of the applicant.

For full description and details of how to apply, please see the full job listing at the City of Dickinson page (link below):

Application closes March 4th 2021

Questions about the position can be emailed to

About Badlands Dinosaur Museum:
Badlands Dinosaur Museum is a growing institution located on the 12 acre campus of Dickinson Museum Center in Dickinson, ND. The museum was founded in 1992 by Alice and Larry League and operated as Dakota Dinosaur Museum until 2015 whereupon it was acquired by the City of Dickinson. In 2016, Dr. Denver Fowler was hired as curator of paleontology and the museum was renamed as Badlands Dinosaur Museum in 2017.

Badlands Dinosaur Museum is undergoing a complete overhaul of the facility, exhibits, and programming. New fossil specimens are being collected by our fieldwork program that are prepared in our public viewing laboratory, which has a sliding window to allow visitors to ask questions. Fossil storage facilities have been upgraded to meet standards for a federal repository. Our evolving exhibit features new displays each year.


Essential duties:
·         Assists in design of outreach and educational activities in paleontology that utilize the exhibit and education collection. May involve visiting groups or buildings outside of the museum campus.
·         Implements outreach and educational programming in paleontology aimed at local population and regional summer tourism.
·         Will offer interpretive assistance in the paleontology exhibit hall: answering visitor questions, giving short tours, and explaining exhibit content and core scientific concepts in paleontology.
·         Assists in the public preparation laboratory in preparing specimens for exhibit and research.
·         Provide general assistance to the curator and laboratory fossil preparator.
·         Assists in outreach, special events, and donor development.
·         Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:​
·         Enrollment in a post-secondary educational program in a subject appropriate to Paleontology (e.g. Biology, Geology), or equivalent experience in a museum or education setting.
·         Good general knowledge of paleontology, including being able to discuss core concepts with visitors and answer typical questions.
·         Comfortable with public speaking in front of small groups and larger audiences.
·         Willing and able to engage visitors in a friendly and approachable demeanor.
·         Happy to work with children and families.
·         Basic familiarity with fossil preparation methods.
·         Ability to work independently on outreach & education and other fossil projects.
·         Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds.
·         Knowledge of appropriate specimen handling protocol.
·         Demonstrable interest and knowledge of museums and their role in society.
·         Basic proficiency with Microsoft Office software.
·         Valid driver’s license.

Additional desirable skills/experience:

  • Prior experience in outreach and education.
  • Prior experience with children and families.
  • Prior experience in a museum setting.
  • Knowledge of anatomy, especially dinosaurs.

Some responsibilities will include working with rocky, dusty, or dirty fossils; using plaster of paris, various glues, and paint; spending long periods standing.

NOTE: All applicants for this position in previous years are welcome to apply for this summer’s position.

ADDED FEB 25th 2021:
Just some more info on accommodation:

DSU (phone call Thurs 25th Feb) estimated that cost per person for a dorm room would be approximately $100 per week (June – Aug). I believe this includes electricity, internet, and access to a shared kitchenette – basically typical college dorm facilities. They will be sending me a confirmation with a more firm estimate next week.
This is about 20-30 minutes walk maybe from the dorm to the museum.
There are also various apartments available in town short term – these are more expensive than the dorm rooms, but it is not too rare to find short term contract apartments in town because of the oil industry.
I also am trying to find alternatives, although (as I have said elsewhere), these are unofficial and may be dependent on applicants, and especially covid etc.